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Product status


  • Level 3: 30-45 Minute Tx - No Down Time Chemical Peel (Very light chemical peel - light flaking, no peeling) 
  • The differences between resurfacers and peels:



Penetration of the skin is dependent on the number of passes performed

Penetration dependent on the amount of time the resurfacer is on the skin

Systematic and consistent product application 

No overlapping product

Application like a mask

Applied with a fan brush in a thin, even layer 

Down time expected

7-14 days downtime

No downtime expected, 


Skin is likely to peel post treatment:

Light flaking to deep sheets of peeling skin

* Do not pick or roll skin

Possible post treatment 

Light erythema

Minimal flaking - if any

Appearance of slight tan 

  • Application of chemical peels passes

3 Passes Maximum, Wait 5 minutes between passes.

  • Prep and post care:

Prep: Cleanse and decrease, see individual protocols

Post care: DO NOT occlude retinol with any moisture (creams, serums, etc.)

Keep skin dry for at least 6 hours, up to 24 hours. This means, Avoid Hot Showers; Rolling or Peeling Skin; Hot Tubs, and Working Out For 6-24 hrs post treatment.

  • Frequency: Once a month. Avoid summer time. Arrange 2 series per year, as below. Please note All skin peeling must be completely healed before next treatment is performed:

1 st Series

 3 Peels

2 nd   Series

3 Peels

March 1

Sept 1

April 1

Oct 1

May 1

Nov 1

  • Products: 

(The product below are listed from mild to the most intensive order)

Introductory Peels:

C Infusion Peel 118 ml & 29.5ml

Hibiscus Mandelic Flower Peel  118ml

Chemical Peels:

TCA/Salicylic Acid Peel 59ml

Modified Jessner’s 56.7ml

SkinBrite Peel 56.7ml

Please check protocol/popular treatment for more information on treatments!

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