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Since 1999, we have crafted the absolute finest skincare products available for home and professional care and continue to do so as we embrace our role as the leader in plant stem cell technology and as a top international dermatological skincare brand. With innovative products that address every need and desire, advanced delivery systems and our unique layering technology, our exclusive and unique line takes skincare to the next level of excellence and that is pure skin science.

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1. The Founder: Sam Dhatt

As lead chemist and ceo, Sam Dhatt directs Dermaquest from a place of knowledge and understanding of the multifaceted world of skincare. With over 30 years’ experience, Sam has formulated and created skincare products for over 700 brands and in 1999 his own unique line, DermaQuest. With an MS in chemistry from GND university in Amritsar, India, and an MBA in marketing and finance from Pune university in India, Sam has skillfully channeled his knowledge and passion for skincare into DermaQuest. Fueled with a desire to create the most advanced and results-driven skincare formulations, tailored to the needs of professionals and clients alike, Sam leads a team of accomplished chemists who share his philosophy and passion for innovative, cutting-edge skincare technologies.

2. The Lab

Allure Labs, a Northern California-listed manufacturer of the Food and Drug Administration, is responsible for manufacturing and distributing Dermaquest products.

Equipped with state-of-the-art machinery and equipment, the 6,000 m2 plant meets production standards in all respects and enables the implementation of advanced production methods, thanks to which Dermaquest is always one step ahead of current skin care trends and achieves unique results. Allure Labs is a pioneer in the use of peptides and plant stem cells in skin care, which is why Sam is sometimes referred to as the "peptide and stem cell man." Allure Labs is a supplier to more than 700 satisfied customers worldwide. Professional attitude, quality ingredients and reliable business relationships are the hallmarks of their work.

3. What Sets Us Apart?

4. The Tri-factor and List of Active Ingredients: 

Our signature blend of active ingredients forms the basis for the brand's unique identity and distinct position within the current marketplace. Dermaquest's tri-factor illuminates the balance of protection, strength and regeneration of the skin through the powerful combination of peptides, antioxidants and plant stem cells. By stabilizing these vital ingredients together in each product, we ensure the promise of a highly functioning skin; simultaneously addressing a variety of complex skin concerns at a cellular level. 

Plant stem cells

Botanical or plant stem cells function as the origin of vitality in the skin. Dermaquest's active and effective formulations are packed with the most advanced plant stem cell technology available in skin care today.

  • How do they really work?

Plant stem cells are highly resilient and are able to withstand substantial damage while having the invaluable ability for self-regeneration. when we use plant stems cells topically, they help support our skin's natural processes (homeostasis) in a variety of ways and are mindfully targeted to address specific concerns, such as:

  • anti-aging
  • reduce inflammation and sensitivity
  • encourage collagen synthesis
  • regulate pigmentation

Pairing plant stem cells with innovative and advanced delivery systems to guarantee maximum efficacy and visible results.

  • List of stem cell plants we use and functions:

Each plant stem cell delivers 3 skin-loving benefits:



Speeds the recovery process of the skin


Environmental Harm

Microbial Damage

Reduces Redness and Inflammation

Blemish Causing Bacteria


Protects and Regenerates Tissue

Heals Cellular Damage

Promotes Collagen Production


Reduces Inflammation

Regulates Epidermal Growth

Fortifies the ECM


Inhibits Collagen Breakdown

Improves Skin Elasticity

Minimizes Wrinkles


Protects and Reinforces the ECM

Promotes Collagen Production

Increases Skin Firmness


Protects Against UVA/UVB Damage

Promotes Skin Stem Cells Longevity

Improves Fine Lines and Wrinkles


Ideal for Parched Skin in Need of Intense Hydration

Promotes Healthy Cell Renewal

Brightening and Excellent for Skin Discoloration


Brightens and Evens Skin Tone

Helps to Absorb UV Rays Similarly to SPF

Blocks the transfer of melanin to the keratinocytes

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Peptides are chains of amino acids that form building blocks within the skin. there are 20 amino acids that can be used as the “peptide alphabet” and that run through the Dermaquest line. Combine two or more of these amino acids and link them, and you have started a peptide chain. these chains send specific messages that benefit the overall health and structure of the skin. Mix and match amino acids and you can create thousands of peptide combinations performing cell to cell communication that impact the skin on a multitude of levels.

  • What messages do they send?
  • promote collagen and elastin production - fibroblast activity
  • increase firmness
  • prevent muscle contraction
  • reduce inflammation and puffiness
  • thicken the dermal matrix
  • even skin tone
  • heal and repair

  • List of Peptides we use and functions:

Neurotransmitter Inhibitors: Syn-Ake; NI Peptide; Argireline; Snap 8

Pigment Improvement: Tego-Pep 4; Even B-White Peptide; Melanostatine 5

Reduces Puffiness: Rigin; SkinASensyl; Eyeseryl

Collagen Builders: Cyclotetrapeptide-24; Eyeliss & Regu-Age; Matrixyl; Matrixyl 3000; Matrixyl Synthe 6; BioPeptide C1; Syn-Coll; CS Peptide; IdeaLift; Dermaxyl


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Antioxidants are compounds that inhibit oxidation (think rust). it all starts with molecules. a stable molecule has all of its electrons; however, environmental stress can cause a molecule to lose one or more of its electrons making that molecule unstable. This molecule called a 'free radical' becomes destructive to healthy living cells and tissue through a process called oxidative stress. antioxidants are compounds that inhibit oxidation, to counteract the negative impact this process has on our bodies. antioxidants come in many forms such as vitamin e, vitamin a, plant stem cells and peptides, which all have potent antioxidant properties. Vitamin C is a highly effective antioxidant especially when paired with ferulic acid.

Dermaquest has take antioxidant protection to new heights, formulating with BVOSC, an oil soluble, highly stable form of vitamin C that can double collagen production in the skin and offers unparalleled free radicle protection.


  • List of antioxidants and functions:

Super Oxide Dismutase

Antioxidant found in the body and in: Barley, broccoli, cabbage, etc and most green plants

Protects O2-metabolizing cells from superoxide free-radicals (the most common free radical in the body)

Protects against cell toxicity


Co-Enzyme Q10 (Ubiquinone)

Antioxidant and cellular bodyguard

Stabilizes cell membranes

Supplies oxygen to maintain cell function

Promotes cell turnover


A highly stable, potent and less irritating form of vitamin C, a multi-functional antioxidant scavenges free radicals

A lipid soluble molecule: Evens skin tone

Promotes collagen production 3x’s more penetrating than L-Ascorbic acid

Increases collagen production by 50%


Ferulic Acid

Powerful antioxidant

Seeks and destroys common free radicals

Enhances Vitamin C’s effectiveness

Enhances UV protection


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Specialized Delivery Systems

Delivery systems are revolutionizing skincare. And we have mastered them.


Delivers oil and lipid-soluble actives deep into the skin for absolute absorption and ultimate efficacy



Delivers water and acid-based ingredients into the skin for maximum absorption



Calcium & phosphate ions delivers CBD 3 x’s more effectively into the skin than a traditional delivery system

CBD Blue Light Defense SPF30