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Step by Step on How to Register a Professional Account

Dear Professionals,


First, we would like to thank you for your interest in our brand and products. We are very excited to have you as part of our DQ family:)


If you have a company and hold a valid EU VAT number, and you are a licensed cosmetician/esthetician/dermatologist, we provide the following guidance for you to register for a professional account. This way, you will be able to see all product prices that only apply to professionals (with a fixed discount and exempt from VAT), you can also check out on our website on your own!

*Please be aware that restricted by our contract with the DQ brand, for some countries with existed local distributor we might not be able to fulfill your order. In such case, we will inform you with an email. Thank you for your understanding.


Here is the breakdown of each step:

Step 1, Click on the account button on the top right corner (desktop), or pull out the menu bar on the left and click the account button on the top(mobile).


Step 2, Remember to choose "Company" here.


Step 3, in "Billing address" section, please write down a valid "Tax number" and "EU VAT number". The system checks it automatically and ask you to revise if something is wrong.

Usually the tax number starts with a number, and EU VAT number starts with a country code. For example, Hungarian EU VAT number usually looks like "HUxxxxxxxx".


Step 4, After successful registration, please provide any proofs you have to show your qualifications, including but not limited to, your license, your salon location, your dermatological degree paper... to info@dermquest.hu. If qualified, we will manually approve your request and put you in the professional customer group.


Step 5, Congratulation! Now you can add products in the cart and check out with your preferred shipping and payment method! Please note currently we have a 300€ minimum order requirement.

If you are an older customer and simply want to restock 1 or 2 products that you ran out, feel free to write to us for such individual request to info@dermaquest.hu. Thank you!

If you have any questions, feel free to drop us an email and one of our colleagues will be happy to assist you!



DermaQuest Hungary Team