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Advancements in skin care aren’t always about doing something new; sometimes it’s about making the existing better….

The next generation in skincare  technology offering superior skin solutions with innovative ingredients. Our upgraded delivery systems allow for stable, high performance actives to better target the most stubborn  skin  concerns  including  pigmentation concerns all grades of acne and corrective aging. DermaQuest continues to be at the helm of plant stem cell technology, setting a high bar for  transformative skincare research and formulation for over 20 years.


  • Upgraded delivery: 

Hydroxysomes:  Time-released, patented delivery system that enhances penetration and releases actives uniformly, allowing skin to absorb properly. Micro-carrier of calcium, phosphate particles. The particles are absorbed by the skin Sustained release that improves skin barrier, hydration levels and skin regeneration.


Microsponge (DermaClear & Retinol):  White amorphous polymeric powder (cellulose microparticles) that absorbs high levels of lipophilic materials Enhances delivery and provides sebum control, mattifying effects and oil absorption Enhances actives stability Absorbs 1.5 times its weight in oil.


  • Microbiome Technology:

Culti Biota: (Prebiotics good bacteria) that help maintain skin's microbiome balance and help guard against bad bacteria that can lead to signs of aging, acne and scarring.

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