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  • Why do we need to use prepping products:

1. Degreasing the skin: This breaks down the skins’ Acid Mantle. Allows for better – deeper -  penetration of product, resulting in better results within the skin.

2. Slowly lowering the pH of the skin: Utilizing a prepping solution prepares the skin to easily accept a treatment with a lower pH, thus avoiding a “shock” to the system that could result in irritation and/or *Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation.

  • How to use prepping solution: Saturate a 2x2 gauze, apply one pass of product on all areas you plan to treat
  • Products: 


SkinBrite Solution 56.7ml

DermaPrime 118ml

Salicylic Prep Solution 118ml

Post Care

Neutralizing Solution 118ml

Retinol Solution 118ml

Hydrating Mist Toner 118ml

Therapeutic Massage Cream 453.6g

Please check protocol/popular treatment for more information on treatments!

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